Abandoned Farmhouse Investigation…

Last night…

…Missouri Spirit Seekers ended our abandoned farmhouse investigation abruptly when it began to rain pretty heavily. It was unexpected. Our command central and all running equipment was outside under a small canopy. It was several hours into the investigation, but unfortunately we were just beginning to experience some exciting activity. More on that to come, as it will take several weeks to analyze all evidence. 

Even though we were rudely interrupted by the weather, we had a great time and gained lots of experience. The family who owns the property was very welcoming and even joined us for part of the investigation. 

There is an interesting beauty to this house. It was a really cool experience to imagine what it once looked like, what went on in those rooms before birds and critters took over, what stories they could tell, and do it while listening to musical selections recorded in 1901 when the home was built. And in case you’re interested, that is when our exciting activity began. 🙂 

Some photos both from a recent visit and our investigation last night… 

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3 responses to “Abandoned Farmhouse Investigation…

  • the nomadic angel

    This is just awesome. I have just found your blog, unfortunately too late to really have a good read, but I’ll be back in the morning! Just thought I’d drop you a line and introduce myself. Looking forward to coming back here tomorrow! ~S~

    • Patrick

      Thanks so much, Angel! I’m glad you found us. 🙂 I don’t have so many posts that you can’t catch up. No pressure. 😉 See you again soon.

  • Brandie Sellers

    I LOVE abandoned houses 🙂 A newly discovered favorite although i don’t live in an area with too many of those. I like to imagine the life these places used to have too. I especially love plantation homes.

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