Black Eyed Kids

A still from the new film Black Eyed Kids.

Who’s at the door?

So, the doorbell rings, interrupting Dancing With the Stars, and you rush to answer, hoping you can deal with whoever it is quickly. You find a child on your doorstep. Not just any child though, there is something about this child that just doesn’t seem right… and… he has pure black eyes. No, he wasn’t in a fight… his eyeballs are entirely black. This boy may be innocent looking, but maybe not. He speaks in monotone and asks to come inside your house. Maybe he needs help. You can feel the hair-raising on the back of your neck.

Maybe you’re not at home. Maybe you’re getting into your car to head home from work. In your rear view mirror you see two pairs of black eyes staring back at you. You scream, jump out of the car, and shut the door… only the mysterious children have disappeared into thin air. Do you get back in the car and drive home? And what happens if you take the kids home or let them in your house? What then? Will I turn into a fat black eyed man?

They’re called “black eyed kids” and the topic is popping up more and more frequently in paranormal circles. While researching this topic tonight I discovered there is even a film, Black Eyed Kids, being produced in Canada.

Urban Legend?

Is it an urban legend that began around the turn of the current century? Are they aliens? Really cool contacts from Claires? Is it all just a really large hoax? Many don’t think so. I have to say, even though I force myself to stay open to possibilities in the paranormal, this is one that I struggle to take seriously. I come across the stories and giggle, but I never spend too much of my energy thinking about the topic. I teach tons of children, some strange, some just as nerdy as me, and some even sing in monotone, but I’ve never run away from them screaming (I’ve come close though) and none of them have pure black eyes. Purple or green hair, maybe. But many people don’t believe in ghosts until they seem them, either.

There is a new book by David Weatherly, who is keeping up with this phenomenon.

You can also hear David’s recent interview with Jim Harold on The Paranormal Podcast.

So… Do you take this one seriously? Have you run into a black eyed kid? 

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