Spooky, Abandoned, and Forgotten…

A sneak peek of our abandoned location.


I am in the middle of preparing for an investigation of MOSS’s first abandoned property this weekend. Built in 1901, this property hasn’t seen official occupants since the early 1980s… well, other than the small animals that call it home now.


Walking through this home, you realize immediately that it has been forgotten. You also see obvious signs of abuse from God knows who doing God knows what. But, if you look hard enough… if you look past the smell… past the mysterious sounds of scratching, creaking, and dripping, you’ll see the beauty that once was. And maybe, just maybe, someone is still there appreciating it. 

Obviously I can’t tell you much, but I’d like to share with you a picture of what this home reminds me of. 

House from the Michael Jackson Thriller video.


Yes… this is the house at the end of the Michael Jackson Thriller video. How would you like to spend an evening in THIS place without electricity? 


Actually, the Thriller house really exists and has since been refurbished and looks pretty good. I’m not sure the location for our investigation has much of a chance for life again.  It is, however, incredibly beautiful in its own way and is very interesting and mysterious. 

I’ve been in the home already. There are definitely areas we’ll be staying away from for safety reasons. I also found out very quickly about the current occupants. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not too afraid of anything paranormal. What I AM very afraid of are crazy living people… and LITTLE CREATURES IN ABANDONED BUILDINGS!!! I’m already not sleeping well this week. Any helpful suggestions for a scaredy cat?


Anyone have any stories about abandoned spooky homes? Did you have one in your neighborhood? Have you investigated one? Please share. 


Peace Out!



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9 responses to “Spooky, Abandoned, and Forgotten…

  • Sarah E. Raber

    Just don’t fall through a rotten floor! I did that once in St Louis, looking at a property with an architect. Just one leg….went up to my crotch, you should have seen the guy trying to reach me to help, without falling in himself! Funny, actually 🙂

    • Patrick

      Ohhh to be able to go back in time. 😉 Was it really in that bad of a condition? Or was it just a random surprise? (Not that falling through the floor would ever NOT be a surprise.)

  • Thomas Spychalski

    The window pic looks creepy lol!

  • Ash

    There used to a house like that we would always go in just to try and scare ourselves back in high school 🙂 It was up in the hills on a windy gravel road – out by that old cemetery I was talking about on one of your last posts, actually. It was an old 2-story with a balcony front porch. Probably was a beautiful house at one time, but it had been rotten and abandoned probably since the early 70s I would say (what was left of the furniture, and one magazine in particular from 1969 suggested anyway).

    Over the years people had done exactly what you describe above (god knows what) – they’d taken red paint and smeared it up the stairs, red handprints all over the walls. The perfect “real” haunted house 🙂

    The floors had fallen through in most of the rooms, you had to dodge piles of coyote crap…but it was AWESOME 🙂

    And then somebody tore it down, buried it, and dropped a double wide on top of it :/ Is nothing sacred anymore?

  • the nomadic angel

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