The Return of the Rapper…

In an EVP session a few days ago on April 6th, it seems I may have been paid a visit by an old friend. If you followed my two-week EVP experiment you’ll remember that in one session I recorded quite a bit of what may have been communication through “knocks” or “taps”… in the early days of Spiritualism this was often referred to as “rapping”. Did the same spirit stop by for another visit? Was it another spirit that likes to communicate in the same way? Is it possible that, for whatever reason, my setup here does not make it easy for them to communicate with their voice, leaving them no other alternative than to knock on something?

It will be important to note that after I realized I was in the presence of a knocker, I quickly established a “yes” and “no” answer system. Two knocks = “yes”. One knock = “no”. Also, all documented times for audio are represented in minutes and seconds. For example, one minute and 30 seconds = 1:30. 

Below are segments of the transcript from my 4/6/12 EVP session. I’ve included links to some of the audio. 

11:02 – a knock was heard after asking for a sound

11:38 – a knock was heard after “If you can do that again we can begin to communicate.”

11:57 – I asked the following questions and got no response. “Can you make two of those knocks? Two knocks in a row.”

12:26 – I asked “So maybe it’s not very easy to do two knocks in a row?” No response to this question, either.

12:39 – I asked “Can you do the one knock again? Just one knock by itself?” I received a response of two knocks.

16:06 – possibly 2 quick soft taps after the question “Give me two knocks if you have NOT attempted to speak to me.”

18:10 – 1 tap after “Have I known you ever in my life?”

20:56 – There is immediately 2 knocks (the loudest knocks from the session and both sounding different) after the question “What can you tell me about your family?” I had pink noise playing in the background. 

23:39 – 1 knock after “If you can knock on something, maybe you can touch me” (one knock for “no”?)

I can’t tell you there’s no way that these knocks aren’t from my house settling or the sun heating up the walls or windows. What I can tell you is that I’ve gone through entire EVP sessions without hearing even the smallest tap in the atmosphere around me. A few of the knocks in some of these sessions are just too loud and too deliberate, such as two of them in a row. I don’t ever hear 4, 5, 6 knocks in a 20 minute period in my home. But I asked for them and was receiving them. As I’m typing this though, I must admit that I just heard a knock. Of course. Now what am I supposed to do? 🙂 Maybe the rapper is reading my mind and playing games? Maybe I’m just off my rocker and my 4-year-old home is simply a victim of gravity? 

I also must tell you that there are 6 places in this session where I may have recorded vocal responses… almost all immediately after a question. They are very soft and almost all one syllable. One of them, however,  could possibly be the word “hello?” and goes up in pitch, just like you’d say it if you weren’t sure if you were alone. I’m not comfortable with posting these possible voices yet or claiming that they are EVP. This recording was during the day and there were occasional sounds of a lawn mower. It might be that I was just picking up sounds from a busy spring day in the neighborhood. My next house is going to have a very quiet location to record. 🙂  

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