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Haunted Real Estate…

In honor of our open house today, where NO ONE showed up, even after making the house look museum quality, lighting all the candles, and the dog and I vacating for two hours to erase any hints of his existence (so sad), I got to thinking about haunted real estate as a blog topic today. My home is definitely not haunted, but would it draw more interest around here if it were? Or… would people avoid it like the plague?


[BREAKING NEWS: An hour and a half later, while writing this post, we had to halt life and completely vacate again… moving dog things (and myself) down to the basement because someone wanted to show it while we were here.]



As a seller, should you disclose the details of haunted or “stigmatized” real estate?

I found a really cool blog by a real estate agent from Silicon Valley… Mary Pope-Handy, the writer of the blog, says that “A stigma can be caused by a murder or other crime, usually violent – it does not have to result in death for a stigma to be attached to the property. The presence or suspected presence of a ghost would cause a stigma, but so would the a murder, rape, or other highly negative event.”

I’m not able to find a master list of states that require you to disclose the haunted history of a home, however, Mary Pope-Handy has compiled information about the laws and disclosure for Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusettes, New Jersey, Oregon, Virginia, and Washington, It seems as though it is different for every state.

According to Susan Funaro in article from, “Sellers should disclose grisly facts about the house, so they will not be “haunted” later. Even if not required by state law, in order to soothe prospective buyers and avoid lawsuits, sellers should be upfront about their home’s paranormal guests or ghoulish histories.” 


Is there a market for haunted real estate?

And more importantly… would it add to home value? Apparently it depends on what you’ll use the property for. Bed & Breakfasts often attract guests because of their suspected ghosts. I’m willing to bet that there are quite a few B&Bs out there with manufactured ghosts for this reason. I’ve always wanted to have an old Victorian haunted home though, for a B&B or something similar… especially after reading House of Spirits and Whispers, by Annie Wilder.

There is definitely more information about NOT getting stuck with a haunted home… or even how to UNLOAD your haunted home.


Anyone have experience with buying or selling a haunted home? It’s an interesting new topic for me. 



Séance… My Next Journey?

First of all, I’ve gained quite a few readers and a few new followers this week. Thank you for checking out my blog and joining in The Big Séance!

The Next Journey

I’ve really enjoyed all of my EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) research and chronicling it through the blog. I hope you don’t get the impression that I’m closing up shop on EVP. My journey of reaching out and listening for spirit voices will definitely continue. I mean come on, I’ve got hours and hours of investigation audio from last weekend to go through still. I’ve also got ONE sleep recording that I’ve gradually been listening to for several weeks now and who knows how long it’ll take to finish that one. And, lately I’ve continued to conduct a general EVP session here at home every couple of days. It is one of these sessions where I captured my latest EVP that I shared with you a few days ago. Once you capture spirit voices communicating, you’re hooked for good. Plus, with all of the knocking during recordings lately, I’m still trying to figure out if I’m supposed to be a knock whisperer or something. 

But… I’ve always been very interested in a form of spirit communication known as the “séance”, which means “to sit” in French (I happen to be a fan of sitting). And since it is in the name of this blog I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise to you. But aside from other forms of spirit communication which are actually very similar, such as EVP research and paranormal investigation, I’ve actually never participated in one.  I’ve brought it up a few times recently, and a few readers have expressed interest in starting a regular séance or “spirit circle” group also. I’m seriously considering getting something started soon and documenting the experience through the blog. 

I’ve read a ton on the topic of spirit communication, séance, channeling, etc., and recently I described to you the atmosphere of a séance and how I see it in my brain. I think I would get more out of it if my séance looked and felt like it would have in the early days of spiritualism. It just seems more fun to me. But really, I want this to be about learning and experiencing.

I know that I have readers from many backgrounds as well as some incredibly spiritual people with many talents checking out the blog, so here’s what I’d like to know from you…

  • What does a séance look like to you?
  • Tell me about the atmosphere…
  • Is having a medium a requirement? (I love my medium friends)
  • What should its purpose be?
  • How often should a group meet?
  • Where should it be held?
  • Some traditional views of the séance involve only a particular kind of “sitter” being present. Who should the participants be?
  • What should the rules and routines of our séance be?
  • How should it be documented?
  • Some other questions: Table or no table? Is holding hands or touching fingers necessary? Is it bad to light 50 candles (because you know I want to)?


The Liebster Blog Award – Thank You, Brandie!

The Liebster Blog Award!!!

I would like to sincerely thank Brandie at for nominating me for this award! The blog world has been a new obsession for me this year and I’m honored to have anyone read and enjoy my random thoughts! I’ve learned some new things from Brandie that I didn’t know. Do you know what Indigo children are? Her page is so very inspiring. She also has another blog…

I also want to give a special shout out to the beautiful Yamyah and her very inspiring and spiritual blog at She nominated me for a few awards a while back, and since I was new to the blog world I didn’t really have 20 blogs to nominate in return. 🙂 By the way… she’s got the coolest hair I’ve ever seen. 🙂

The Liebster Blog Award Rules:

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5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.

My Nominations (in no particular order):

*Note: you’re supposed to choose people who have 200 followers or less. On these blogs I don’t see any indication of how many followers, so I may have just put a few people who I simply like (This note is from Brandie… and I concur 🙂 ).


CONGRATS to all of you!

EVP Recorded in a Session Last Week…

On April 19th I was conducting an EVP session at my desk. I had just gotten several knocking or tapping responses. I never plan on communication through rapping, but it has been happening a lot lately in my sessions. I just go with them, obviously. 

Nine minutes into the session I decided I was going to play some pink noise in the background for a few minutes. In the recording below you can hear me say “Maybe that’ll help. Maybe not.” I was referring to the pink noise. Immediately you hear the voice in what seems like a whisper while I’m moving my mouse across the desk to find the file.

As usual, I was using two recorders for this session. The voice was only captured on my Sony PX-820. What do you hear? I can’t make anything out of it yet… but I hear 5 syllables.


Maybe it’ll help. Maybe not. 4/19/12

Unedited Original Audio

Audio with Noise Removal and Amplification

Abandoned Farmhouse Investigation…

Last night…

…Missouri Spirit Seekers ended our abandoned farmhouse investigation abruptly when it began to rain pretty heavily. It was unexpected. Our command central and all running equipment was outside under a small canopy. It was several hours into the investigation, but unfortunately we were just beginning to experience some exciting activity. More on that to come, as it will take several weeks to analyze all evidence. 

Even though we were rudely interrupted by the weather, we had a great time and gained lots of experience. The family who owns the property was very welcoming and even joined us for part of the investigation. 

There is an interesting beauty to this house. It was a really cool experience to imagine what it once looked like, what went on in those rooms before birds and critters took over, what stories they could tell, and do it while listening to musical selections recorded in 1901 when the home was built. And in case you’re interested, that is when our exciting activity began. 🙂 

Some photos both from a recent visit and our investigation last night… 

Paranormal Music Appreciation…

If I were a farmhouse built in 1901, owned by the same family, with a heyday that lasted until the early 1980s, what music would have been played inside my rooms? Can we assume it would be the genre of country? Maybe. Maybe not. What we know as country music didn’t exist yet in 1901. When would my occupants have first used a radio? Was there a record player? Did my occupants sing or play music themselves?

I’m doing some research for our upcoming investigation. I’m considering using some music as a trigger. If I were to play two or three recordings, what would they be? Will energies in the house want to hear Bessie Smith? Or… maybe I’m way off? Maybe it prefers to rock out to White Snake? 🙂

What would tug on the heart strings of anyone still occupying the home?

What about these? Take a listen.

Any Old Place I Hang My Hat is Home, Sweet Home To Me (1901 by Will Denny)

Good-bye Dolly Gray (1901 by Harry Macdonough)

When You Were Sweet Sixteen (1901 by Harry Macdonough)

Some of These Days (1911 by Sophie Tucker)

Swanee (1920 by Al Jolson)

When You’re Smiling (1929 by Louis Armstrong)

Back In the Saddle Again (1939 by Gene Autry)

Buttons and Bows (1949 by Dinah Shore)

Jailhouse Rock (1957 by Elvis Presley)

Help me out. What would you suggest? 

Black Eyed Kids

A still from the new film Black Eyed Kids.

Who’s at the door?

So, the doorbell rings, interrupting Dancing With the Stars, and you rush to answer, hoping you can deal with whoever it is quickly. You find a child on your doorstep. Not just any child though, there is something about this child that just doesn’t seem right… and… he has pure black eyes. No, he wasn’t in a fight… his eyeballs are entirely black. This boy may be innocent looking, but maybe not. He speaks in monotone and asks to come inside your house. Maybe he needs help. You can feel the hair-raising on the back of your neck.

Maybe you’re not at home. Maybe you’re getting into your car to head home from work. In your rear view mirror you see two pairs of black eyes staring back at you. You scream, jump out of the car, and shut the door… only the mysterious children have disappeared into thin air. Do you get back in the car and drive home? And what happens if you take the kids home or let them in your house? What then? Will I turn into a fat black eyed man?

They’re called “black eyed kids” and the topic is popping up more and more frequently in paranormal circles. While researching this topic tonight I discovered there is even a film, Black Eyed Kids, being produced in Canada.

Urban Legend?

Is it an urban legend that began around the turn of the current century? Are they aliens? Really cool contacts from Claires? Is it all just a really large hoax? Many don’t think so. I have to say, even though I force myself to stay open to possibilities in the paranormal, this is one that I struggle to take seriously. I come across the stories and giggle, but I never spend too much of my energy thinking about the topic. I teach tons of children, some strange, some just as nerdy as me, and some even sing in monotone, but I’ve never run away from them screaming (I’ve come close though) and none of them have pure black eyes. Purple or green hair, maybe. But many people don’t believe in ghosts until they seem them, either.

There is a new book by David Weatherly, who is keeping up with this phenomenon.

You can also hear David’s recent interview with Jim Harold on The Paranormal Podcast.

So… Do you take this one seriously? Have you run into a black eyed kid? 

Spooky, Abandoned, and Forgotten…

A sneak peek of our abandoned location.


I am in the middle of preparing for an investigation of MOSS’s first abandoned property this weekend. Built in 1901, this property hasn’t seen official occupants since the early 1980s… well, other than the small animals that call it home now.


Walking through this home, you realize immediately that it has been forgotten. You also see obvious signs of abuse from God knows who doing God knows what. But, if you look hard enough… if you look past the smell… past the mysterious sounds of scratching, creaking, and dripping, you’ll see the beauty that once was. And maybe, just maybe, someone is still there appreciating it. 

Obviously I can’t tell you much, but I’d like to share with you a picture of what this home reminds me of. 

House from the Michael Jackson Thriller video.


Yes… this is the house at the end of the Michael Jackson Thriller video. How would you like to spend an evening in THIS place without electricity? 


Actually, the Thriller house really exists and has since been refurbished and looks pretty good. I’m not sure the location for our investigation has much of a chance for life again.  It is, however, incredibly beautiful in its own way and is very interesting and mysterious. 

I’ve been in the home already. There are definitely areas we’ll be staying away from for safety reasons. I also found out very quickly about the current occupants. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not too afraid of anything paranormal. What I AM very afraid of are crazy living people… and LITTLE CREATURES IN ABANDONED BUILDINGS!!! I’m already not sleeping well this week. Any helpful suggestions for a scaredy cat?


Anyone have any stories about abandoned spooky homes? Did you have one in your neighborhood? Have you investigated one? Please share. 


Peace Out!



The Case of the Cackling Ghost…

The Bloodhound Gang from 3-2-1 Contact

Remember? This episode isn’t the one I mentioned in my last blog post… the one about the séance… but I totally remember this one and it is very appropriate for this audience.

Below is Part 1 and 3. Part 2 seems to be unavailable, but thankfully Part 3 has a nifty recap. 🙂


Séance Etiquette…

So this is getting close to my 60th post, and considering the name of my blog, I suppose it’s about time I hit on the concept of a séance. And actually, it was brought up by one of my new friends who is a frequent reader and commenter on this blog. When I think of a séance, I think of the atmosphere. I picture a beautiful, but mysterious, Victorian dining room with candles (another obsession of mine), anxious sitters, and a flamboyant spiritualist reaching out to communicate with the dead. I must confess, I think I was introduced to the concept of a séance in a segment of The Bloodhound Gang, which was like a miniature mystery series that was a part of the 1980s PBS children’s series, 3-2-1 Contact. Anybody remember? I even had a subscription to the 3-2-1 Contact magazines for a while and have probably seen every episode from all eight seasons. Don’t tempt me to sing the theme song (or even The Bloodhound Gang theme for that matter)… because I will. I can’t be exactly sure that’s where I saw my first séance, but that’s where my childhood memory is taking me back to.

Seance or Spirit Circle?

Now days, many modern spiritualists prefer to call this event a “spirit circle” (possibly because of some kind of unfair stigma attached to the old name), and many people form groups that meet regularly to communicate with spirits of loved ones, guides, teachers, angels, etc, to learn about life and the other side. There are groups all over and websites where you can locate a circle near you. Several times on this blog I’ve expressed my interest in starting a similar group and documenting some of those experiences here.  I’m working on it. Besides being fun and interesting, I think it would be a huge learning experience. Many people have the opinion that you must have a medium in order to have one. Having a medium present is probably a major bonus, but considering I experience spirit communication through EVP (and more recently, several “rapping” experiences) on a regular basis, I think spiritual people with the same goals in mind can probably successfully hold séances on their own as well. And most of us would be in agreement that we all possess different levels of a variety of psychic abilities (although I don’t brag about mine). Of course, I say these things having not experienced one as of yet. I have,  however, read tons of books on spirit communication and a few on tonight’s topic. I much prefer the term “séance”, though… it sounds way cooler and less new age/hippy. A glass of wheatgrass juice on the table next to the candle doesn’t fit my vision. 🙂

Mind Your Manors…

I have been asked about my thoughts on séances “conjuring” spirits and whether it was appropriate. There are so many things that paranormal or spiritual folks claim they know (me included), and science refuting everything paranormal simply because it can’t be handled or tested gets on my nerves just as much as it does anyone else, but NO ONE knows any of these answers for sure… no one. I hear and read this from Randall Keller all the time. It’s true. However, it is my opinion that all spirits have free will, for the most part. I don’t believe that just because someone requests the presence or energy of a particular spirit that they have no other choice but to be dragged down to the party. It’s also a common belief that spirits (especially the higher level ones) may just have the ability to bilocate, or be in more than one location at a time. I don’t believe that requesting the presence of a wise teacher or guide prevents them from doing any of the more important activities (whatever those might be) on the other side. If they’re busy saving the world (or the other side), I’m fairly certain they’d just ignore us and leave us nerds waiting at the table. I do, however, believe in having manors and behaving respectfully when participating in spirit communication. Really, my EVP sessions and experiments are a form of a séance, only usually I’m the only living one present (unless you count my 4-legged son, Meril).  When paranormal investigators focus on an EVP session, or anything similar, they’re really having a form of a séance as well. Anytime I’ve attempted spirit communication, I ask my guides (or anyone present) to assist in inviting the presence and energy of whoever I’m interested in communicating with. I will sometimes ask if they are “available” to communicate with me. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Since the great majority of the time I don’t have any knowledge of those specifically invited spirits being present with me, I doubt they can be “conjured”. I don’t think we’re that powerful. I also don’t think there is anything wrong with asking, providing you know the magic words (“please” and “thank you”).

So next time you attempt spirit communication of any kind, mind your manors. Who wants to hang out and socialize with mean or bossy peeps? Aaaand… at least light one candle… even if the only thing it does is create a cooler atmosphere. After all, there are accounts of spirits claiming the flame and the atmosphere really do help. That’s all the excuse I need. 🙂

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