Energy, Paranormal Fiction and Romance…

So it has been a really rough and tiring week now that life has moved on after spring break. All of my experimenting really took a lot of my energy and focus. The last few days of experimenting were particularly rough. I have sometimes scoffed at the idea of spirits or entities wearing people down, consuming our energy, or attaching themselves to us. This evening I wondered if there was more truth to this than I ever knew. Is this a side effect of so much daily spirit communication and research? Or… was I just too consumed with it to go to bed at a decent hour? 🙂 Some of my readers could speak about this I’m sure.

I’ve really wanted to focus this week on looking back at the whole experiment, reviewing evidence, and putting together some kind of a report, but that will apparently have to wait. I need to post about something lighter this evening… and of course go to bed early.

Paranormal Fiction and Romance…

Lately it seems like more and more paranormal fiction or paranormal romance books pop up in my search results while searching for non-fiction paranormal information or topics. I’ve not once read a book from this genre, yet they pop up as suggested books for me in Amazon all the time. It kind of drives me nuts. Some of the covers and titles are so goofy.

Has the popularity of the Twilight series caused all of this? Have they been around forever and I’m just now noticing? There are even entire blogs devoted to reviewing these books!

Does anyone read them? Am I missing out? 😉

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Patrick Keller is an educator, blogger, and the host of the Big Séance Podcast, which is a place for paranerds to have an open discussion on all things paranormal, but specifically topics like ghosts and hauntings, paranormal research, spirit communication, psychics and mediums, and life after death. He’s the founder of the now inactive Missouri Spirit Seekers and has spent a lot of time experimenting with spirit communication tools and techniques, such as EVP. Patrick also has a passion for spending hours at a time in cemeteries and loves cemetery photography. Visit! View all posts by Patrick Keller

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  • Maria Laing

    I am not familiar with these books of fiction. I haven’t seen them in the course of my searches.I have been reading non-fiction exclusively.
    Hope you get some rest. thanks for your posts.

  • terryspear

    Hi, Patrick,

    I was an avid reader of ghost stories when I was a child, but also of mythology and folklore around the world. But I never believed in ghosts. I’ve always kept an open mind, knowing that some seemed to have a connection with that which I couldn’t see or sense. But not me. Then…I had my first paranormal experience. Even so, I didn’t believe it was anything other than wild mustangs running through Palo Duro Canyon while I camped with my Army ROTC unit on an orienteering trip.

    Imagine being in a sleeping bag, can’t sleep, it’s really cold, and the black sky sprinkled with twinkling stars stretches as far as the eye can see. Every rock in the ground is poking into your back. Ye old Army sleeping bag doesn’t keep the cold out. I’m wondering if scorpions and diamond back rattle snakes are thinking of crawling into the bag with me as they seek some heat.

    And then it happens. Wild mustangs are racing toward us. I hear their whinnies and snorts and neighs and frantic pace. I wake up my sister in the next sleeping bag, knowing that herd animals would run right over us in a panic. She grumpily tells me to go back to sleep.

    But I can’t. When I was younger, deer ran through our friend’s tent while they slept on an island in a California lake while we slept aboard a boat. The deer didn’t have enough sense to go around.

    The wild mustangs wouldn’t either. But even so, I realized there was no shaking of the earth. With that many horses headed our way, the earth should have vibrated with their hooves pounding the ground. I heard them, but couldn’t feel them.

    Then as if something diverted them, they ran off in another direction.

    Years later I was writing for magazines and wanted to write about the wild mustangs in Palo Duro Canyon. There weren’t any. But some visitors to the area had experienced similar phenomena as to what I had gone through.

    During one of the last fights between the US Cavalry and several Indian tribes that had gathered to make a last stand, the Cavalry had forced the Indian ponies off the cliffs to their deaths to prevent the Indians from leaving the area and mounting another attack.

    And yet that night that I’d heard the horses and for years and years later, I had thought the horses had really been there–except for that one little fact–I hadn’t felt the ground vibrating.

    I love history and taking a trip to the past in a time-travel, ghostly way was the perfect opportunity to explore the paranormal. Romance? Well, if you’ve got to give up all the niceties of the contemporary world it has to be for something or someone well worth it.

    Hope you got some sleep…and nothing PARAnormal disturbed it! 🙂

    • Patrick


      I thought I replied yesterday but perhaps I didn’t. I’m very honored you stopped by. I enjoyed hearing how you were inspired to follow your passion. I hope you weren’t offended by my post. I’ve learned so much from all the discussion.

      • terryspear

        Thanks, Patrick! I’ve loved watching so many of the ghost hunter shows on television, and missed the opportunity to take a picture of a truck here in our city that had Paranormal Investigators on it–when it’s actually a city truck! I found it interesting that you do paranormal research and wish you the best of luck in both debunking that which isn’t truly paranormal, and finding that which might be truly the real thing!

        I’m back to editing a book on deadline a short-fuse deadline, but I just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your blog! And glad to see so many paranormal romance readers commenting about how much they love the genre too!

  • Lisa Mondello

    Paranormal romance has been around long before Twilight. The first paranormal romance I picked up as a teenager was the book Always and it was published back in 1979! Paranormal romance has been around for years! Ask any bookseller what readers have been asking for more of in the last 15-20 years and they’ll tell you they want more paranormal romance. You’re just noticing what so many readers, male and female, have been reading and enjoying for years.

    Many stories are inspired by real events in the authors lives or by someone they know. You should pick up a book or two. You may just enjoy it.

    • Patrick

      Lisa, I checked out your site and I’m honored you stopped by. I hope I didn’t offend anyone with the post. I really have learned a lot from all of the discussion. As I keep saying in the comments, I’ll never mess with the paranormal fiction crowd again. 🙂

  • J.D.

    Yes Patrick, they have been around forever. Back in the day, (back to Walpole in the mid-late 18th century) they were pure literature. Check out Frankenstein, Dracula, the work of J. Sheridan LeFanu) and any of the other Gothic tales of the 18-early 20th century). They made a comeback in the 1950s-80s (Dark Shadows, Weird Tales, and the like). Some of them are referred to as Gothic romance. Are they actual romance? Wuthering Heights certainly would qualify.

    Sorry, lit major answer.

    Coming a bit further up into recent history, Twilight isn’t even what sparked the recent fervor for paranormal romance, that’s just what sparked in YA. I think, for the Romance and Fantasy/SF genres what sparked it was Anne Rice announcing she’d never write another Lestat novel. That’s just my theory. So yeah, Lisa’s right. It’s been around forever.

    Why do I read Paranormal? Quite frankly, I’ve been reading it forever. 🙂 Shelley and Poe were always a favorite of mine. But why I read paranormal romance is because, after Urban Fantasy swallowed the fantasy/Science Fiction genres, it was the only place to find any real worldbuilding. It was as if horror moved over to the fantasy shelves, and fantasy moved over to the Romance shelves, so if one wanted worldbuilding that’s where one had to look.

    • Patrick


      I replied but I don’t know where it went. I keep hearing about “world building” in the comments. I’m going to have to check that out. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Qwillia

    Paranormal romances have been around forever…think mythology, the story of Hades and Persephone. Dracula can be considered a romance because of the connection between Mina and Dracula. The Gothic romances indulged the imaginations of 19th and 20th century readers, while putting forth the idea that paranormal phenomenon does exist.

    My dad always put forth that no matter what the book was, if it crosses your path multiple times, you should read it and look for the kernel or information that’s trying to be given to you. My father was no stranger to the paranormal. Neither am I. I also know of several authors who write in the paranormal romance genre who are paranormal investigators like yourself.

    If you can keep an open mind to presence of spirits and entities, do the same for works of fiction…and please…the paranormal world did not begin with Twilight! That would be like saying spirits never started communication with people until the advent of the EVP recorders (hand held tape recorders).

    • Patrick

      I checked out your page. I’m honored you stopped by. As I’ve said in a few of the other comments, I’ve certainly learned a lot from this post and never dreamed it would be so popular. I won’t mess with the paranormal fiction crowd again. 🙂 I really do have an open mind about most things in life… except for maybe Twilight… I never made it through the first movie (never read the book). Maybe I should take your dad’s advice and try one of these titles that I keep seeing.

  • Patrick

    Okay first of all, I have a confession. I read a young adult paranormal romance novel 5 years ago! 🙂 You will NOT get the title out of me… but it is truth… and I did enjoy it.

    Secondly, I hope I didn’t offend anyone with any of my commentary. I do try to keep an open mind. I’m not judging, because I certainly read a LOT of nerdy things… just usually non-fiction. I’m also honored to have Terry Spear visit the page.

    I HAVE learned a lot from all of the comments and they are appreciated. Obviously it’s a popular genre or I wouldn’t have so many hits today and it’s just 8:39am. 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  • Ann Macela

    Paranormal romances explore what is possible, what might be possible, what is impossible, and what we wish we could do or be, AND they contain a darn good love story. There are “light” and “dark” stories, plenty of action (of all kinds!), memorable characters, and excellent world building. Their covers are no more “goofy” than those of any other books, but if you want to consider them so, then have at. Read a few. You might enjoy them, and you might learn something in the bargain.

    • Patrick

      You are probably right about the goofy book covers. By the way, I never dreamed my little post on this topic would be the 2nd most popular post to date. I’ve learned a lot from all of the comments. I’ve been put in my place. I’ll never mess with the paranormal fiction crowd again. 🙂

  • nicolenorth11

    I enjoy watching a good paranormal investigation show on TV such as Ghost Adventures or Most Haunted. I’ve also seen or felt a few ghosts myself. I also love reading and writing paranormal romance. It is incredibly popular so lots of people read these books and the blogs dedicated to the subgenre. You have a great blog. I look forward to reading it more.

  • Tori Scott

    Like the others have said, paranormal romance has been around a long time. One reason you might be seeing more of it these days is because Amazon has made it possible for authors to get their books published, where before the publishing industry kept it under a tight rein. I’m happy to see so many great books available. Like I tell my husband, try it. You might like it!

    • Patrick


      As I mentioned in another comment, I’ll admit that I have read one adult paranormal fiction title… but you won’t get the title from me. 🙂 I really did enjoy it. Sometimes I have such a big line of books to read that fiction usually takes the back seat. And yes, both searching for books on Amazon and for paranormal blogs is what drew my attention to this whole topic in the first place.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Ash

    Oh you know me – I read Bram Stoker’s Dracula in the 4th grade 🙂 And Frankenstein… and of course you know how I love my Buffy! lol And Anne Rice, and lately Charlaine Harris. I guess I have a disproportionate skew towards vampires. Hmm. Oh – and I was TOTALLY obsessed with Dark Shadows, many years after it was no longer on the air. But I’ve always been into paranormal stuff, so what can I say?

    Still highly recommending Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Very excited for that movie.. and Dark Shadows 🙂

  • becca leone (@becca_leone)

    I ADORE paranormal fiction and have for years–ever since I was a kid and a friend of mine found an old paperback of short ghost stories in a box in the basement. (:

    As an adult, I particularly enjoy both reading and writing paranormal romance. To me, it’s the ultimate escape. While Twilight may have popularized the genre, it’s been around a long time. It’s popularity may temporarily wane among publishers while they make room for the next big thing, but I think a lot of adult and YA readers will continue to enjoy it as a favorite genre and we’ll continue to see it cycle around.


    • Patrick

      What do you think the next best thing will be?

      • Ash

        Vampires and Werewolves have just about run their course. Currently I’d say it’s zombies 🙂 What’s next? Psychics!

        I saw a preview for a new kids show coming out this summer called “Para Norman” ! It’s about a little boy who sees spirits!

        When I saw that, I was just thinking to myself “Wow, I wonder how many kids will feel some kind of validation after this comes out?”

  • Greta

    Hi, Patrick.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of romance! Books like Terry’s, Rosalie’s, & Patti’s are very popular.

    I belong to a chapter of Romance Writers of America, and we had a paranormal investigation team come speak to us a few years back. It was very interesting; they definitely found us a lively & appreciative audience.

    I’d love to get your take on paranormal fiction or tv shows (both dramas & documentaries). Maybe you’ve already covered some? I will check out your earlier posts.


    (& ps, there are chapters of RWA all over the country … and local chapters are often looking for guest speakers.)

    • Patrick

      Oh Greta… As you can see, I’ve truly been educated and put in my place on this topic. I never dreamed this little post would be my 2nd most popular ever. 🙂 I had no idea RWA or anything like it existed. It actually sounds kind of fun.

      My obsession with reading, in general, started about 7 years ago I guess. I was a late bloomer. I always hated reading growing up and so I just never did. Someone encouraged me to read the first book from the Tales of the City series by Armistead Maupin. Within the span of a few months I read every single one of them… and that led to me reading about a book a week for several months. I’ve had to invest in several bookshelves since then. About 5 years ago my interests shifted and other than the occasional fiction read, it’s all non-fiction for me… and usually on spirit communication of some kind or paranormal in general. As I admitted in one of the above comments, I have read one young adult paranormal fiction title a few years ago. I very much enjoyed it.

      When it comes to TV dramas, I think American Horror Story is really interesting and it is about time something like that was on TV as a series again. Life got busy though, and I never finished the season… but I thought it was cool. I absolutely LOVED the movie Woman In Black because of how “old school” spooky it was. That’s what I like… I’ve got to believe it could really happen… and computer generated imagery doesn’t do that for me.

      I’m not sure what you mean by paranormal documentaries. Are you talking about things like My Ghost Story on the Biography channel?

      Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • Cathleen Ross

    Hi Patrick
    Thanks for putting up this interesting blog. You’ve come to the attention of paranormal romance readers by putting up the books of these great and popular authors. I’m a reluctant psychic. It runs in my family and is a really annoying gift but I’ve found it does help other people when I give them a message from a loved one. This gift informs my writing, especially the current book which uses energy. Believe me, there is an afterlife, you just don’t want them coming down the tunnel to visit at three in the morning.
    Love your blog.
    Cathleen Ross

    • Patrick


      I’m honored that you stopped by my little blog. Thank you for the kind words!

    • Ash

      Ha! I know the feeling! I can’t complain too much though – so far my visits have been rather endearing. I mean, being woken up to the smell of starbucks and chocolate chip cookies isn’t exactly terrifying 🙂 And today I was working in the garden and a pair of gardening gloves showed up of their own accord – whoever it is, they’re trying to be helpful! 🙂

  • lsmoore

    Let me add two cents for all of us out there writing paranormal stories that aren’t romances. Murder mysteries, action adventures and straight literary fiction have been spiced up with paranormal elements for centuries. Think Hamlet and Macbeth. Everybody loves a good ghost story!

  • bajamerson

    So here’s my take on the whole thing of why it’s popping up more. Yes, as you’re now well aware, these types of books existed long before Twilight (and btw, I do not go for the vampire genre). In fact, they were my favorite when I was little. But I think books like Harry Potter and Twilight have really catapulted some type of spiritual awareness in people that allowed them to start thinking “outside of the box” when it comes to things such as magic and…well…vampires. Why the vampire thing, I don’t know…BUT I just feel it’s like these books are sort of shaking people up a smidge into their awakening, making certain beliefs a little more easier to accept. If it’s easier to accept these little things, it makes it easier for the world to achieve a higher consciousness level. Does any of that make sense?

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