EVP Experiment: Down but Not Giving Up! Plus…Ouija Board News…

EVP Experiment Update: Today is Day 13…

It has definitely been quiet in the last several days. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed or disappointed. For the most part I have been sticking to the same method and processes from Day 1… however, I’ve changed or tweaked a few things as I’ve gone along to attempt to help entities more successfully communicate. I’ve also added a few unplanned, less formal recording sessions in addition to the official daily recording.

Yes, I’ve worked with and recorded EVPs before… but not a lot, and never so consistently and formally. And… I have picked up a few from this experiment. But why so quiet lately? What am I doing wrong? I’ve spoken to a fellow blogger about “belief and intent” and how it could possibly be affecting my experiment. Synchronicity may have also led me to reading about the same thing recently in Randall Keller’s book, Vocies From Forever. I want you to know that I absolutely believe, without a doubt, that spirits can and do communicate. You also need to know that I have never been so inspired and focused with a clear intent… even when reviewing the sessions. There have been a few days where I struggled to get a session in when life happened. I also know that sometimes I struggle meditating (something I’ve tried to do before every session), and there have been a few days where I haven’t completely felt grounded with a positive and high spiritual energy. Again… life happens. But right now I feel my problem might be due to more of a lack of confidence, and maybe feeling a little insulted after a few quiet days. Is there a problem with my invisible bat signal that other researchers who record tons of EVP project so well? Do they not see and hear me? Are entities communicating volumes of information but something is just standing in our way? Are they frustrated as well? Am I broken? I can go on and on… Any advice? Words of wisdom? I’m down but I haven’t given up!

What Does Sarah Say About This?

Since Sarah Estep was my main inspiration for starting the experiment, today I decided to go back to her book, Voices of Eternity. I’ve reached out to her daily in the sessions. Maybe she can’t hear me. Maybe I can’t hear her. Maybe she’s got bigger things going on. Maybe her soul is currently living another incarnation. Could she be reading this blog now? Am I still talking? 🙂

What words of wisdom would she give?

Frequently at the beginning I would go for days without recording a paranormal voice. Then, when I felt most discouraged and wondered if I wanted to keep on taping, someone would speak. Now, twelve years and twenty-four-thousand messages later [this was in 1988], I am convinced that I am in communication with entities from other dimensions. At the same time, I feel I have learned a considerable amount about life in the beyond. 

Down the Road…

I have two EVP sessions left for this current experiment, today and tomorrow evening. Please know that if I hear anything impressive you’ll see a post on it. In the next week I think I’ll create a page linked to this blog and list information about the experiment, my findings, my progress,etc. Once this current experiment is over I fully intend on continuing to record on a consistent basis… hopefully 3 or 4 days a week.

Anyway… thanks for reading and following my progress!

In other news… Have you seen this?


Upon arresting the alleged assailant, police were surprised that the 15-year-old not only admitted to the offense, but also confessed as to why he committed the crime, stating that “the Ouija board made me do it.”

Is it just goofy teenagers? Is it mental illness? Or can the Ouija board really be that powerful?

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3 responses to “EVP Experiment: Down but Not Giving Up! Plus…Ouija Board News…

  • Ash

    Personally – I prefer to give Ouija boards a wide berth. They give me the creeps. I think it’s b/c my cousin was temporarily possessed while playing with a ouija board when we were in middle school – actually, I think she may have trance channeled without knowing what it was. She doesn’t have any memory of it, just what the people who were there told her.

  • Maria Laing

    Patrick, I hear all the questions, the “soul” searching, and wonders you are experiencing. I wish I could give you answers and information. I have similar questions as to why I do not “feel” my son’s presence since he passed over. I have been told that I am a Sensitive and an Empath, and I believe I am, however it has been a long time since I have experienced spirit; long before my son passed. These days I am in the “dark night of the soul”. I know of individuals who have “received” without any effort or intent on their part. This makes me wonder how much our own disposition really matters. Are there spirits who are more “agressive” than others, who manage to push through the barrier? I say to myself that my son, Michael, of all persons I have ever known, by virtue of his energy and sheer determination, would be one to make himself known to me or whomever….I wouldn’t even be surprised if he showed up on your EVP! From every effort you have given, and intention you have made, I seriously doubt that it is for lack of either that there has been so little recorded. Just my opinion. But I do not know about technicalities and have had no experience in attempting EVP. In reference to spirit communication in general, it seems to me that since I have been on sites for bereavement there seem to be a lot of persons who are experiencing mediumship and channeling, that is to say that they are finding that they are mediums and channelers. So, maybe, if you and I are patient, more will come through. I have never tried the Ouija board…have often heard that it best be left to those who know what they are doing….but then again, most everyone I know cautions me against mediums and EVPs and similar paranormal interests. There is still a lot of distrust around. There is the belief that “evil” entities or demons will lead a soul astray….?? One last thought: is there someone you know who could channel for you, or a medium you could ask, who might ask your guides what is going on? Just a thought. Best wishes…keep trying…..

    • Patrick

      Well guess what, Maria? All it apparently took was a little whining and a serious “come to Jesus” meditation today (I had a really horrible day in general) and my EVP session was amazing. It took several hours just to review the audio and I have 3 typed pages of notes. Can you believe it? I won’t give too much away yet, but I felt very much like the Fox sisters! I have absolutely NO clue what to expect for tomorrow night’s session. 🙂

      Trust me, Maria. I’d LOVE to get communication from your son. Maybe between the both of us we can make that happen? I’m certainly not an expert, and I don’t want to go somewhere you’re not okay with though. Let me know. Feel free to e-mail me. I have heard mediums or psychics say that when it comes to themselves or their loved ones, their abilities don’t work the same. Do you think this could be the case with you? As disappointing as it may be… there has to be some divine reason you and I don’t have the abilities we would like to have yet.

      I have a good friend who is a medium and several online friends (including Ash) who are sensitives, etc. I have taken channeling classes, which I VERY much enjoyed and would do again, but unfortunately I don’t believe I was an all-star pupil. I tried though… and I learned a lot.

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