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If you are a facebook friend of mine you’ve probably heard me mention The Big Circle before. If you are a parent who has lost a child, or anyone who has lost a loved one, you absolutely should watch both of the videos below. I’ve watched them many times in the last few years. This group is a part of the Association TransCommunication (ATransC, formerly AA-EVP), in which I am a member of and have mentioned quite a bit on here.

If you’ve been following my EVP experiment in the last few weeks, you’ll remember that I’ve been asking assistance from my guides to help bring in the presence of Sarah Estep (who founded the AA-EVP/ATransC), and anyone from The Big Circle. As you’ll see in the videos, Martha Copeland started the group after her teenage daughter Cathy died in a car accident. From the other side, Cathy began communicating with loved ones via the computer and EVP. There is a book by Martha about this amazing story of Cathy and The Big Circle called I’m Still Here. It’s a great book.

The last paragraph in I’m Still Here really moved me.

After completing this last page of the book, I envisioned a white light of love and protection surrounding me. Turning on my recorder, I posed this question: “Cathy, how do you and The Big Circle feel about the book?” Playing back the recording, I could hear Cathy’s voice saying, “Thank you, Mom,” and a male voice followed her voice with a clear “thank you.”

How can anyone NOT be moved by this stuff?

Part 1…


Part 2…


From the site…

The Big Circle consists of our loved ones in the etheric along with their loved ones in the physical. The realization that this group existed in the etheric, and was trying to connect to their loved ones here in the physical world, prompted members of the Association to form a special group called “Big Circle – Bridge to the Afterlife,” which is now referred to simply as the “Big Circle.” This group is made up of bereaved parents, spouses, siblings, and friends, whose mission is to build a channel between the physical and etheric aspects of reality–a Bridge to the Afterlife. We do this by joining our energies together on alternate Thursdays at 8:00 PM. We try to keep reminders of upcoming recording dates posted on the ATransC Idea Exchange in the Big Circle forum. But you can figure out the next date by extrapolating from the ones listed here. We effectively conduct a worldwide group recording session. Some participants join together in groups, or individually from their homes, making a joint effort to record for about five minutes.


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4 responses to “The Big Circle…

  • Maria Laing

    Thank you. My son went missing while scuba diving, so these videos were very moving for me. Patrick, have you lost a child?
    Perhaps this is something I can try…thinking about it….
    Thanks again.

    • Patrick

      Maria, I am so glad you were moved by these videos. I do not have any children (other than the 4 leg-ed kind), and I cannot imagine the pain you’ve been going through with your son missing. It was probably a little presumptuous to suggest parents who have lost children need to watch these videos… because really I haven’t gone through anything remotely close to that experience. You may want to visit the site and contact some of the members of the group. The book might also be a way to know if this would be a good experience for you.

      I want you to know that I’ve enjoyed having you visit and comment on my blog. Thanks for always stopping by. Peace!

  • Kris & Del

    This is really good stuff! I can’t watch the video’s tho, as they seem to have been removed?

    • Patrick

      Hello again, Kris & Del! At the moment I don’t have access to a computer, but from my phone I notice that if you just go to and scroll down to that post the videos don’t show up. I had to actually click on the post and then the videos showed up and worked for me. I’m not sure if that’s the problem you’re having but I hope this helps. You could also go to and use the link on the left that takes you to my youtube page. That might work better too.

      Thanks for visiting!

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