EVP Experiment: Day Eight…

The Experience…

As someone who has spent a lot of time working with EVP and hours and hours of audio from investigations in the past, I know how time-consuming it can be. You wouldn’t think a daily 15 minute EVP session would really tie you down for long periods of time. Because I’ve been recording each session with two recorders, and because it takes at least twice as long to review a recording as it took to record it, and because you then have to dig in and really analyze anything you’ve flagged along the way, this project has taken a couple of hours out of each day. This is especially true recently because even though they’ve been very soft, I’ve begun to hear voices. Because they’re not incredibly clear yet, they can more easily be confused with other natural sounds from the environment.

I feel like I’ve learned so much from this experiment… and not just about EVP, surprisingly. I’ve had so much fun and I really feel like I need to extend it and keep going after the two weeks are over. Since the voices are only beginning to come through it seems really silly and almost irresponsible to stop now. One problem… on Monday my spring break is over and life continues. Can I devote the time without going crazy and still stay in the focused, positive frame of mind that I’m finding EVP needs? My last session for this experiment as it is now will be on Monday evening, which is a school day for me… and no doubt it will be a long day. I guess that will be a good time to decide if I can keep going for a while. Would recording once or twice a week be effective? I’ll have to ponder the subject and keep you posted.

Here’s an Update…

Yesterday’s two EVP sessions (I did an extra one just for the heck of it) were uneventful. I did not hear anything impressive enough to document. However, in today’s session (day eight) I have flagged some interesting audio. I would not feel comfortable taking a stab at what this voice is saying, if it is a voice at all. Feel free to submit your opinion.

The audio below comes from the Tascam DR-07, using the Tascam TM-ST1 stereo microphone. Exactly nine minutes into the recording you can hear a possible voice speaking  (through the pink noise I was playing in the background) what seems to be several words or a phrase. I apparently heard it through my headsets because I turned up the volume of the pink noise and asked “Is someone here?” The last thing I asked before this possible EVP was “Cathy, or anyone from The Big Circle, are you here with me?” and then “Are you available?” followed by “I’m really enjoying your mom’s book about you” (I plan on posting on the topic of The Big Circle sometime soon. It’s a wonderful group and an amazing story…I’m waiting to finish a book first). Twenty-four seconds later the possible EVP was recorded. Nothing from this moment was picked up in the Sony PX-820.

Possible EVP from 3-20-12
(Best heard with headphones)

Unedited Audio
You can’t hear much in this file, but I like to always let you hear the unedited file. The Tascam tends to be softer and I have to amplify those recordings a lot. 

With Noise Removal & Amplification
This file has been cleaned up a lot. I with I could make it more clear.

With Noise Removal & Even More Amplification


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4 responses to “EVP Experiment: Day Eight…

  • Ash

    You’d probably be ok doing it twice a week. Just set your intentions for a specific time and day (same time, same day, each week). Make a weekly appointment, so to speak.

    • lonnie

      i tend to go to the same location and same time each day to conduct my evps. i try to keep this time frame as when the spirits will expect me to be there. the first few seconds when i turn on my recorder is the loudest and clearest . as the session progresses i get more whispers and more spirits trying to communicate at the same time. so desiphering all this is hard. the best digital voice recorder i have found is the olympus vn7100 and the olympus 702pc these recorders are inexpensive and there great. most spirits all have a lot to tell you and they all cut each other off in the middle of a conversation and over talk each other. i usuall leave 2 recorders on and place them about 30 feet apart. some times both recorders will pick up the same responses but not very often.

      • Patrick

        Lonnie, I’ve had several people recommend an Olympus recorder for me. I think it’s time I break down and get one. Oh, and I’ve been relying on using two recorders at a time as much as I can now. I get really uncomfortable when I don’t have another source to compare it to. Also, I now try to place the recorder further away from me. I get tired of debunking stomach noises, inhales, etc. 🙂 Any thoughts on that? Thank you for your recommendation.

  • Diane Goff

    There seems to be something there…I can hear it in the third file. You know, I think maybe quality over quantity when recording. Like you said, once or twice a week and be totally there for it, don’t make a chore out of it. And hey…good luck with school! Try not to stress out. 🙂

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