Some Encouragement From Sarah Estep…

So I have come upon the fourth day of my two-week daily EVP experiment inspired by Sarah Estep’s Voices of Eternity. I have not yet reviewed today’s audio, but I’ve found myself getting a little disappointed that I have had no clear communication with the spirit world, or any other realm for that matter. I’ve always known that it takes perseverance and consistency, and I’ve done EVP sessions in my home before, but after four days of serious thought, planning, and determination, I can’t help wondering what I’m doing wrong. I’ve also had to stay strong because when you have a passion for this kind of topic and study, you can sometimes be perceived as a weirdo, even in your own home. Yesterday I got a little self-conscious when I wasn’t the only one home and it was time to record. I’m going to have to work on that. It’s not always easy when others in your life think a passion of yours is silly. Not everyone will understand why some of us put so much effort and energy into this type of thing, and I suppose not everyone was meant to believe or understand.


I finished Voices of Eternity today, and thankfully I found some reassuring inspiration from Sarah in the last few chapters. Remember, I have just completed my fourth consecutive day of recording.

Since many experimenters work for weeks before picking up their first word, I was fortunate to record “beauty” on the sixth day. Even with this, it was far from easy. I would go for days and not hear a thing and then, when I was feeling most discouraged, someone would come through and say, “Don’t give up.” I think this is one of the secrets of voice recordings. If you don’t give up, if you persevere, you will receive answers. The voices will speak to those who search, but it is up to each person to initiate that search. 


Sarah Estep started her journey of EVP in 1976 with the intention of recording for just one week at first. Her loved ones thought she was crazy, too. If she didn’t hear any voices by the seventh day she would not continue. As she mentioned above, hearing the word “beauty” on the sixth day was enough to keep her pushing forward and was the beginning of many years of successful EVP research. She would later become known as one of the modern pioneers of EVP. She died in 2008. You can visit the Association TransCommunication website for more information on Sarah.


The following passage from the book really felt good to read.

I am willing to accept whatever conditions our communicants set for I know that eventually we will be able to find our way firmly, without hesitation or faltering, to the other side. “Crossing the bridge” is available, not only to our friends in other realms, but to those of us who wish to make the journey. That they want this to be a mutual crossing there can no longer be any doubt of. If they hadn’t meant for our worlds to meet, they would not have begun to speak thirty years ago. 

Recently I asked Styhe why he and his friends sought to contact us on the earth plane. His female associate first answered, “Help them.” Two counters later Styhe agreed, clearly giving the same message, “Help them.” In the following recording he replied, “It is,” when I asked whether it was accurate to think they wanted to help us so we would know what to expect when we crossed over to the spirit world. 

Many months ago, when I was working on the third chapter, “The Voices on Death and Dying,” a clear voice said, “Your soul is not defeated.” They knew I was writing about death, and they took this additional way to reassure me, to reassure everyone, that life does not end at the grave. Life is eternal.


In tomorrow’s post I’ll share more interesting details from the book that I found interesting. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to also report on some voices from the other side?


If you’d like to hear some of Sarah Estep’s EVPs you can visit the World ITC website. Scroll down to the bottom. I also discovered that thanks to the Association TransCommunication, Voices of Eternity is available for free in its entirety online via a PDF download. 

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5 responses to “Some Encouragement From Sarah Estep…

  • Ash

    This stuff’s not easy to be open about, that’s for sure. Don’t give up. And don’t feel silly (though it’s hard not to, sometimes!). Just know that there are lots of people who you can’t necessarily see or hear who are cheering you on 🙂

  • Maria Laing

    Ditto, Ash! Definitely don’t give up! I must share something from my personal life,just to encourage you. I had been widowed and years later when my current husband and I decided to marry I had no idea at the time how utterly devoted he was to antique radios, vacuum tubes, antique communication devices, and all things electronic, including test equipment, and many,many books about Tesla, Edison, Forrester and other such authors. He was (still is, ha, ha!) 15 years younger than I and I just didn’t comprehend that this area of interest had gone back since he was a small child and began to manifest strongly when he was still in gradeschool. He had fixed an old radio for his grandfather then. When other boys were buying baseball cards, he was buying vacuum tubes! So, when he began to move his things into my house and three car garage, I began to understand just how serious a matter this was for him. At first I balked at the sheer size of his collection and wondered what we were going to do with it all. As time has passed, he, in his determination, and I, in my respect for his passion and interest, have found a way to accomodate. Twenty-one years later he still attends antique radio conventions and events and I participate when possible, even though I am not the least bit knowledgable….so, there is hope! Just keep on keeping on. I know some of my acquaintances think my husband’s interests are weird, too. But, when you devote yourself to an interest such as yours, we all benefit!
    And I benefit knowing my husband has an interest that gives him purpose and satisfies him. It’s a good thing!

    • Patrick

      Maria!! Your husband should write a guest post for us! All of that is so related to this topic! I wish I knew more! Thank you for the story and encouragement. You too, Ash!

  • Paranormalogistically

    You are doing almost exactly what I did several years ago. I downloaded Sara’s book and then printed it out and put it in a three ring binder.” Voices of Eternity” inspired me as well to go into EVP research. Don’t give up on it…persistence is key, you have to earn their trust. Eventually you will find you can consistantly record EVP about anytime you chose to and wherever you chose to.

    And yes I understand about being looked at like a weirdo in your own home. It happens…you can’t make everyone understand why this research is so important to you. It’s an insatiable quest to know.

    • Patrick

      Thank you, Diane. I’ve been interested in EVP for several years and tried it off and on (not counting investigations)… but I was never patient enough for this type of daily and consistent experiment. I’ve read many other books on EVP and spirit communication but for some reason Sarah’s book is what inspired me to get serious. But stay tuned… there’s good news coming from yesterday’s recording. I just finished recording for today (day 7) but haven’t reviewed yet. And by the way… feel free to stop by every day with your words of wisdom. 🙂

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