A Letter to the Other Side…

While I review audio from this afternoon’s EVP session, I thought I’d leave you with a piece that I found on a blog last night. I thought it was truly beautiful and reminds me so much of the We’re Listening video that I made several months ago for MOSS. I contacted Diane and got permission to share this with you. You can find her blog at http://paranormalogistically.wordpress.com/. Enjoy!

Dear family, friends and foes,

I write this letter to those of you who have passed on to another plane of existence. I wish to express my gratitude and respect on behalf of the thousands of paranormal investigators and ghost hunters around the world. After many years of research, we still don’t really know why we can see and hear you sometimes and not at others.

I ask that you forgive our errors in learning about your existence. Whether you are earthbound or have moved on to the great beyond, please remember the limitations of physical existence. There are many of us here truly trying to understand and communicate with you. We are letting others know what we are finding out so that they don’t have to be afraid of you.

I want everyone here on the earth plane to remember and understand that you are human beings, have been and always will be. Our perceptions are limited again by physical laws and when you seemingly pop out of nowhere, we are startled. But if we were not afraid of you when you were in body, why should we be afraid of you now? I suppose if you were violent in body, you are probably not someone I want hanging out in my basement, attic, bedroom, etc.

But I know you wouldn’t be making the effort to communicate with us if you didn’t want us to understand that our soul or consciousness lives on after physical death. You wouldn’t communicate unless you wanted us to know what happened to you and to maybe help you with our, still as yet, limited resources.

I wish to apologize for those who try to provoke you into making your presence known by insulting you and invading your personal belongings. It is just that they want to capture evidence of your existence and since we have to deal with time issues, angering or upsetting you seems to work at times. It is not a good excuse but it is the only one we have.

I want to express my sadness for those of you who seem to remain stuck here on the earthly plane, unwilling or unable to move on. There is greater spiritual development waiting for you and you need not remain here, stuck in the past. Go home now and find your family and friends who passed before and after you. Find peace.

In closing, I again want to extend the utmost respect to you from all the investigators who are serious about finding out how it all works. Although we may appear to be nuts, (stumbling around in the dark, talking to the walls, etc.) to others and maybe even to you, we persevere in our quest for greater understanding.

If there is anything we can do or should be doing to make the communications easier, please try to let us know in the best way you can. I, for one, will continue my research and will be watching and listening closely for any sign of your presence.


Diane M. Goff


Missouri Spirit Seekers… We’re Listening…

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4 responses to “A Letter to the Other Side…

  • Maria Laing

    Thank you for posting this letter. I have often thought that programs in which people “provoke” ghosts are rather immature and lack dignity and that it might appeal to a “lower” level being. I appreciate the attitude of wanting to understand and learn from those who have passed beyond our normal range of experience. I”ve never found that “ignorance is bliss” and personally hope to become more enlightened. Thanks for providing an opportunity for advancing. Best wishes.

  • LinT

    What a beautiful letter,so very poignant it had me in tears.Thank you for showing it.I just wish more people would see the afterlife as our natural progression instead of treating it as spooky & worthy of the ridicule it often sadly evokes.
    Hopefully very soon much enlightenment will come to fruition,leaving no doubt atall.
    Warm Regards 🙂

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