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Now days in paranormal investigation, EVPs (electronic voice phenomena) tend to be the most popular form of evidence caught.

As the founder of Missouri Spirit Seekers, I can tell you we are probably a little more cautious at claiming ANY evidence is paranormal than a lot of other groups out there. Therefore, we don’t have a ton of dramatic EVP evidence that we believe is 100% paranormal, but our biggest piece of evidence in the form of EVP is from one of our investigations of Friedens United Church of Christ in St. Charles, MO. Below is a video of this EVP that I put together.



Not all who study EVP do it via paranormal investigations of haunted locations.

There are many people who have a daily routine of recording and communicating with spirits on the other side and those that remain earthbound. Many people claim to also record voices of entities from other planets or galaxies. There is so much to learn about EVP, who we are talking to, and how it works, and in my opinion the study of it is still very much in its infancy.

One of things I like to do occasionally is record random EVP sessions in my home. I’m not really good at being consistent (and that’s important) because life gets busy and it’s not always easy to find a quiet time and place. Before these sessions I try to ground and center and sometimes have a quick meditation. During the sessions I always ask if there are any entities from the light present who are willing to communicate with me to further the study of EVP and life on the other side. I frequently ask to talk to some of the EVP pioneers who have been known to communicate with people around the world. For portions of the recordings I’ll usually use three different kinds of “white noise” that has been known to help entities produce sound and communicate. I also frequently use Stefan Bion’s EVP Maker, which many people use study EVP use. After learning how many people have been contacted through electronic devices, such as a computer, I’ve also been opening a new word document for each session as well. Why not? This kind of documented evidence (and EVP itself) is an example of Instrumental TransCommunication, or ITC.

I’ve not had a lot of success with my personal EVP sessions yet, but I’m determined to keep trying. As I said, I haven’t been very consistent. Starting this week I am on vacation for two weeks. I plan to conduct short EVP sessions daily during this whole time period. I’ve learned a lot from Sarah Estep’s Voices of Eternity and I recently joined the Association TransCommunication (formerly AA-EVP that was started by Estep herself). I’d like to try some new things. I hope to have some things to share with you in the next few weeks.

I highly recommend the following books if you’re interested in EVP.

"There is No Death and There Are No Dead" by Tom and Lisa Butler. They are the current directors of ATransC.


"Voices of Eternity" by Sarah Estep


"Talking to the Dead" by George Noory and Rosemary Ellen Guiley


"Something Unseen" by Stephen Hill

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3 responses to “Daily EVP Research…

  • Maria Laing

    Good luck with the EVPs. Looking forward to hearing about it. Enjoy your time off.

  • Ash

    Cool EVP. But why the need for the dramatic scary music? 🙂 So many people are scared by this stuff and totally don’t need to be (Like I say – dead people are people, too!).

    Paranormal TV shows perpetuate the fear of ghosts (it’s all about ratings, I get it, but I’m trying to make a point here :). Especially those tools on Ghost Adventures. Could you imagine acting like such an ass to people you meet on the sidewalk? It’s essentially the same thing, just so happens these people don’t have a body.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t some disgruntled entities out there – there are, but being afraid is EXACTLY what they need people to do so they can feed on the fear energy.

    Imagine a kinder, gentler world where we send love to trapped energies and guide them to cross over 🙂

    Keep us abreast of your EVP adventure.

    • Patrick

      Thanks for the BRUTAL honesty. 😉 Honestly, I’ve raised this same argument with myself many times. But I enjoy making the videos and I do like them. It’s so hard to be someone who spends time in both the “paranormal” and “spiritual” worlds. Most paranormal groups are very much lacking on the spiritual side. In a time where the obsession with “paranormal” is so big, and there are so many groups out there, honestly, you have to have the theatrics or no one will find you or give you the time of day. At the same time, I cannot STAND being associated with or compared to some of the redneck paranormal groups out there… so I hope that’s not what our scary music is doing.

      Fear is not what MOSS is about, and our investigations don’t have the scary music. Please watch the “We’re Listening” MOSS video for a more accurate portrayal of what we’re about.

      As for the upcoming EVP sessions, I’m VERY excited and have been reading and preparing for them. I plan on chronicling them on here throughout the next few weeks. Hopefully I’ll conduct the first one in the next few hours.

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