Theatre Ghosts…

In honor of the absolutely crazy week that I’m spending with my school kids in a dark theatre preparing for our show, I give you… Theatre Ghosts…

The Ghosts of Broadway

I’ve heard of a few of these stories, but I didn’t know this piece existed. The book that this information is supposedly from sounds really cool, but apparently it doesn’t exist or was never published.

Also… a book that I haven’t read… but I’ve heard an interview by the author.

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3 responses to “Theatre Ghosts…

  • Maria Laing

    So, there really is such a thing as the “ghost light” that is required to burn all night on the stage? Wonder what the origin of that is? Kind of reminded me of the tabernacle candle that is required to burn always in a church where the consecrated host is kept in the tabernacle. Probably no connection, but it’s interesting. I wonder what the role of emotions play in this setting…or is it a matter of egos and attachments, or both? An interesting read….especially the bit about Olive…with the blue bottle!!

    • Patrick

      I’ve read a bit about the “ghost light” on stages in the theatre world. I was not aware that it was a requirement on Broadway. I wonder how true that is?

  • Ash

    Maybe not so much a requirement as just a time-honored tradition/superstition. You know, like “Break a leg.”

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