Paranormal Investigators and Possible Health Risks…

The blog post below is by a veteran paranormal investigator and discusses possible health risks to investigators always being around the energy of ghosts. She stresses the use of using protection, which I think is a good idea. MOSS has recently added protection techniques to our investigation routine. While I know that spirit energies can affect us, I personally am not buying this being a major health risk. I don’t know how one proves that investigators have been dying off because of paranormal energies. What about those living their lives in haunted homes? Are they dying off earlier as well? Maybe I just don’t get it yet because I haven’t reached that “veteran” status. As I mentioned in my comment on the post, I think it’s a good thing to know about and research further, but I just hope it wasn’t meant to discourage a new generation of paranormal investigators.


I am definitely interested in seeing the thoughts of several of my readers.

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7 responses to “Paranormal Investigators and Possible Health Risks…

  • Ash

    Ok – I haven’t read her article yet, but I have an initial comment/opinion in this regard…. I think the only danger to anyone is an unwanted house guest – i.e. somebody following you home.

    I don’t think entities can harm you without your consent and I don’t believe in the necessity for protection. My reasoning is this: If, in fact, we are creating our own reality, our essences abide by the free will rule, and even when something bad happens here in the physical life, it’s only because it was agreed upon before you incarnated – if all this is true, then no soul can harm another soul without consent (now… consent is a loose term, I don’t think you necessarily have to say “I allow you to suck my energy” or whatever it is that they do”).

    Secondly – again, along with the creating your own reality bit – if you believe a thing to be true, then effectually, it becomes your reality, right? So… if you believe a spirit can harm you, then you are, in essence giving rise to the possibility, which would/could be a form of consent. And, the same can be said for so-called “protection.” If you believe you need to be protected from a thing, then you automatically suppose that it can harm you (and that, again, could potentially be interpreted as a form of consent).

    It’s the same concept as those who don’t believe block themselves from having experiences – if you don’t believe something can harm you… then it can’t. And there’s no need for protection.

    Does that make sense? I feel like I’m rambling lol

    • Patrick

      I do not claim to be very sensitive, and I know I have readers that are, but I still think it’s necessary to think about protecting yourself in cases where there could be negative energy around for sure. Like both of your points, I believe that if someone visualizes some kind of a protective shield and they believe they are protected, then that’s what makes them protected. The same kind of thing. I believe everyone’s prayer or shield or symbol of protection should probably be something that is meaningful to them. I believe our thoughts are energy… but if that’s the case what you say is true as well. Actually, it’s a subject I’d like to read more about. Maybe I’ll change my mind. I have very much liked Michelle Belanger’s book, The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. Lots of stuff in it on protection and I refer to it a lot. I still think there’s no reason to panic and I don’t think paranormal investigators are dropping like flies. 🙂 I think spirit energy can wear us down, make us sick temporarily, make us grumpy… but like you said, maybe only if you let them. Did you end up reading the post?

      • Ash

        Yeah, I just breezed through it. I think she’s making a mountain out of a mole hill. When I first started out with this whole spirituality thing -especially the part about being “sensitive” or whatever, I was very concerned about negative entities and I read a lot about it. From what I gathered from those readings was that spirits – those who have crossed over – do not need your energy to manifest. They get their energy from source (God, Love, All that is…however you want to refer to it). So-called negative entities (negatively polarized energies that have never been incarnated on earth – demons, as some would call them) are the ones who need to feed off of your energy, because they are as far from God/Source/All that is/Love as one can possibly get.

        Ghosts – or earthbound spirits, as we may refer to them – are souls that did not cross over, for whatever reason, and have trapped themselves here on the earthly plane. This effectually also cuts them off from Source, and so they must draw on other energies in the environment to manifest – your camera batteries, electrical sources, and in some cases your body’s own energy (which is also an electrical source). These ghosts may not mean you harm when they do so, thats just the only way they can manifest – like I’ve said before, dead people are people, too. It’s no different than bumping into a stranger on the street, except you can’t see them.

        Now – when you are ghost hunting, you are looking for a ghost to manifest. That’s the whole point of it, right? You’re basically drawing that experience to yourself, and asking them to make themselves known – well, in order for them to do that, they need an energy source. And sometimes that energy source IS YOU. Your very thoughts about wanting them to manifest can be construed as permission to use your energy to make that experience real.

        It’s like those movies you see where a guy finds a Genie and he gets 3 wishes, and he wishes for great wealth, but the Genie doesn’t just make the money appear, it makes an event occur that ends with the guy getting a bunch of money, but someone else has to lose it first. You know? Cause, effect, and consequence.

        The universe is the genie. Your thoughts are your wishes. Your experiences are the consequence.

  • Ash

    Oh – and back to the earlier point about the dreaded “D” word (demon) – they would then abide by the spiritual law (no being can harm another without consent). I’m still on the fence as to whether or not such things even exist. I know people who’ve had experiences with things they thought were demons. I sometimes wonder if they’re just nasty earthbound spirits or potentially even self-created thought forms. I suppose it just differs by situation. At any rate – it doesn’t hurt that I have expressed sentiments from my Guardian Angel not to worry about it. She says it’s her job to protect me and I’m going to be fine. I also asked once – not sure who was on the other end, God or GA – but I asked about demons and hell and what not, whether they existed. “Do not concern yourself with such things. Focus on the good.”

    So, in other words – don’t worry about it. Lol of course now I wonder why I shouldn’t worry about it? Is it because the very act of worrying about it would draw it to me (which seems to be a common theme throughout spirituality)? Or because they simply can’t harm me if I don’t let them? Or because they don’t exist? But I suppose it doesn’t matter 🙂 Amelia’s got my back lol

    • Patrick

      You know you should really learn to explain yourself better. Sooooo just kidding! 🙂 I wish I could put my thoughts together as well as you do. When is your book coming out? 😉

      For what it’s worth… I do NOT believe in demons.

      • Ash

        Ha interesting you should ask. My last reading said I’d be writing about my experiences down the road at some point. In the meantime, I’ll just keep collecting my thoughts in my journal 🙂

  • Maria Laing

    I’ve not much experience in these matters. I have not sought out the paranormal, but have had it seek me. For one, I lived in a house with at least one ghost. I heard the entity, and my son,who was 6-7 years old had conversations with a female entity on a regular basis. His only complaint was that she liked to talk to him at night and he couldn’t get to sleep. We changed his bedroom and, as far as I know, it solved the problem. At that time I had knew nothing of protecting oneself. I suppose, though, that someone who is willingly exposing themselves to different situations repeatedly would do well to be aware of possible effects. It has occured to me to wonder if entities around us could sap our energies without our being aware that they are doing so.? Thanks for the heads up about Michelle’s book. Will add it to my list.

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