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Paranormal Beliefs… Multiple Choice!

Can you match the categories with the correct columns?

Find the answers in the comments…

(From the Baylor Religion Survey, 2005)

1. Have consulted their horoscope.

2. Have consulted a psychic, medium or fortune teller.

3.  Have visited or lived in a home they believed was haunted.

4. Have had an out of body experience.

5. Have used a Ouija Board.

6. Have witnessed a UFO and believe it to be extraterrestrial. 


Source: Bader, C., Mencken, F, & Baker, J. (2010). Paranormal America: Ghost Encounters, UFO Sightings, Bigfoot Hunts, and Other Curiosities in Religion and Culture. New York & London: New York University Press.

Synchronicity by Surprise…

Many experts describe synchronicity by saying it’s what happens when you think about a certain person and a moment later they call you on the phone. Or, you’re driving to work and you have the sudden urge to slow down and put your hands on 10 and 2, then suddenly you see a cop appear ahead of you… or more seriously, maybe your sudden alertness is followed by an almost accident. Ring a bell? Maybe, just maybe, you were thinking about Synchronicity before you found this post? Face it… you reading my blog was meant to be. 🙂 

Many people would argue that this is just coincidence or an accident. Dr. Kirby Surprise tells us this is not true in his book Synchronicity: The Art Coincidence, Choice, and Unlocking Your Mind. 

How many times growing up did someone tell you that anything was possible if you put your mind to it? Did you roll your eyes? Can we really change outcomes or events with thought alone? 

From the author’s website…

          • Learn to use your amazing ability to create synchronistic events.
          • Discover how your mind creates the reality you experience.
          • Unlock your brain’s vast resources of connectivity and creativity.
          • Change from living as a separate being to living as a part of the unified whole.

Today I listened to Dr. Surprise being interviewed on my favorite podcast, Jim Harold’s The Paranormal Podcast. I’ve heard and read about synchronicity from various mediums and experts, but from what I heard today it seems like Dr. Surprise views things a bit differently than the average spiritualist or medium… or at least the ones I follow. He mentions being inspired by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, who was the first to propose the concept of synchronicity.

I haven’t read the book but I think I’m going to add it to my queue. Hopefully my head won’t explode… Wait! Thoughts… positive thoughts… 

The Woman In Black…

It’s the kind of scary movie that I just love, and unfortunately they’re never made anymore. There’s no gore, no overly intense computer generated imagery (a pet peeve of mine), just an incredibly pimped out and abandoned mansion in the late 1800s that is just as spooky as you would expect it to be. Hammer Film Productions, from the UK (The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy), makes a comeback to produce this film.  Their heyday was from the 1950s into the 70s.



After seeing the trailer I knew I’d love this movie. But I had no idea that there were so many references to spiritualism, including a scene where Daniel Radcliffe’s character notices an add in a newspaper mentioning a spiritualist and séances. I knew then that I was meant to see this movie. I’ve been reading a book about Kate and Maggie Fox, the sisters who are widely credited for starting the whole Spiritualism movement from the 1850s to the late 1800s. I blogged about them recently. Anyway, this is all from roughly the same time period.

There are several clips and trailers, but this one is my favorite. If you haven’t seen the film I think you should! This might be a DVD purchase for me!



Thomas Edison and the phonograph…

Thomas Edison and his phonograph

Though he was working on it in 1877 and filed for a patent a few months earlier, it was on this date (February 19th) in 1878 that Thomas Alva Edison received the patent for his newest invention, the phonograph. He was also one of the independent inventors to invent the first microphone during this same time period.  All of this happened one year before he created the light bulb.

“The phonograph was developed as a result of Thomas Edison’s work on two other inventions, the telegraph and the telephone. In 1877, Edison was working on a machine that would transcribe telegraphic messages through indentations on paper tape, which could later be sent over the telegraph repeatedly. This development led Edison to speculate that a telephone message could also be recorded in a similar fashion. He experimented with a diaphragm which had an embossing point and was held against rapidly-moving paraffin paper. The speaking vibrations made indentations in the paper. Edison later changed the paper to a metal cylinder with tin foil wrapped around it. The machine had two diaphragm-and-needle units, one for recording, and one for playback. When one would speak into a mouthpiece, the sound vibrations would be indented onto the cylinder by the recording needle in a vertical (or hill and dale) groove pattern. Edison gave a sketch of the machine to his mechanic, John Kruesi, to build, which Kruesi supposedly did within 30 hours. Edison immediately tested the machine by speaking the nursery rhyme into the mouthpiece, ‘Mary had a little lamb.’ To his amazement, the machine played his words back to him.”

What did Thomas Edison foresee the phonograph being used for? 

  1. Letter writing and all kinds of dictation without the aid of a stenographer.
  2. Phonographic books, which will speak to blind people without effort on their part.
  3. The teaching of elocution.
  4. Reproduction of music.
  5. The “Family Record”–a registry of sayings, reminiscences, etc., by members of a family in their own voices, and of the last words of dying persons.
  6. Music-boxes and toys.
  7. Clocks that should announce in articulate speech the time for going home, going to meals, etc.
  8. The preservation of languages by exact reproduction of the manner of pronouncing.
  9. Educational purposes; such as preserving the explanantions made by a teacher, so that the pupil can refer to them at any moment, and spelling or other lessons placed upon the phonograph for convenience in committing to memory.
  10. Connection with the telephone, so as to make that instrument an auxiliary in the transmission of permanent and invaluable records, instead of being the recipient of momentary and fleeting communication.

For those of us involved in this paranormal “field”, I wonder where we’d be if it weren’t for Edison or his inventions? And I wonder if Edison had any idea that his inventions would be so important in the future of Electronic Voice Phenomena and spirit communication in general? Edison had an interest in spirit communication and it is widely believed that before his death he was working on a type of telephone to the dead and other tools that would have been a great help to this field. And who knows? Maybe we’re using new inventions from Edison today? Many mediums and researchers claim to have made contact with him over the years. Maybe he has passed all of this expertise onto mortal inventors, scientists, and inventors?

Would you like to listen to some Edison sound recordings?

In the first link below you can listen to some of the very first recordings, including the Mary Had a Little Lamb recording by Edison that is mentioned above.

Communicating with Dead Celebrities and the Famous…

Marilyn Monroe

Everything that I have read leads me to believe that when famous people cross over they lose much of their celebrity status on the other side. And if there is no presence of the ego there then they won’t mind being pulled back down to “earth” anyway. But if we choose or plan our journeys before each incarnation for the purposes of learning and growing, and if some choose particularly challenging paths, then I’d imagine people might reach out to those spirits while on the other side to learn from them. Why not try to do the same while we’re alive? Are all celebrities or famous spirits available to communicate or be channeled?

Here are just some of the celebrities that have been known to either communicate with mediums and researchers or be channeled throughout the years.

Richard Burton

Elvis Presley
Marilyn Monroe
Jimi Hendrix
Richard Burton (who Sylvia Browne claims is still earthbound and has no intention of crossing over)
Audrey Hepburn

Then we have the modern pioneers of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) research. These spirits have been known to reach out to communicate to many EVP researchers, mediums, spirit circles, etc.

Sarah Estep
Friedrich Jürgenson
Konstantin Raudive
Thomas Edison (had an interest in spirit communication and even tried to develop tools to help researchers while he was alive)

And, of course, Biblical figures as well…

What dead celebrities would you love to communicate with?

Jimi Hendrix

A related blog on channeling dead celebrities:

Sarah Estep at work

Spirit Visits While You Were Sleeping…

So I had to change my plans for tonight’s blog post because last night I had an interesting dream. I don’t remember dreams often so this was very significant. The details are unclear and I really wish I would have jotted down whatever details I remembered after I woke up. I had either dreamt or astral traveled to the living room of my late Great Grandmother Van Zandt (whom I called Grandma Van).

Grandma Van died when I was younger, but I do have several memories of her. I remember her on holidays and birthdays, and I remember visiting her in her apartment in my hometown. I remember all of the older ladies from her apartment building gushing over me when I visited. I’m sure I got my cheeks pinched and loved the attention. I remember thinking the elevator ride up to her floor was lots of fun. I remember her bedroom having two twin beds that always reminded me of old sitcoms where couples slept separately.

Grandma Van always seemed very tiny, quiet, and sweet.  After she died I remember being in the apartment while my mother and grandmother were going through her things. I think the main reason I remember that day so well is because my grandmother and mother gave me a wooden church with a steeple that had a music box inside. When you wound it up it played Sweet Hour of Prayer, the doors opened, and a preacher popped out. I remember being obsessed with it when my Grandma Van was alive and so apparently someone remembered that. I thought it was so very cool that I was special enough to get the church and I have kept and cherished it ever since. 

Back to my dream/astral experience/whatever it was… I was clearly in the presence of my Grandma Van. She was sitting in her chair in the corner of her living room. She and I clearly both knew that I was dreaming and talking to the spirit of a dead person. She was explaining something to me and I’m pretty sure I remember her trying to calm me or telling me not to be afraid. I woke up with the dream still vivid in my mind, told myself I was going to remember it, and then promptly went back to sleep. I’m so frustrated that I didn’t document it.

I’d love to be able to have some kind of validation that I truly had a visit from or visited my Grandma Van. Or… maybe it was truly just a dream. I believe that our soul leaves our body all the time while we sleep. I think we visit with our spirit guides and other entities as well. I like to think we get special advice and “heads up” on events we’re about to experience when we wake up. To my knowledge this is the first time I remember having such a pronounced experience like this.

**Updates to this post

  1. The church/music box plays Amazing Grace rather than Sweet Hour of Prayer
  2. My mother has informed me that it was my late Great Aunt Caroline and my mother that I was with while they were going through her apartment. 
  3. My Great Grandma Van died on July 29, 1989. 

House of Spirits and Whispers…

One of my favorite light-hearted non-fiction reads about ghosts is House of Spirits and Whispers: The True Story of a Haunted House by Annie Wilder. I heard this author being interviewed on Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast a few years ago. You can find that podcast here

I really truly could not put this book down once I started it. Annie details how she came upon her old Victorian home in Hastings, Minnesota and the spirits she was unaware came with it. She is so detailed, she even includes FLOOR PLANS!
Retiring in an old beautiful Victorian home is something I have always kind of wanted to do. By the end of the book I was so jealous that I didn’t own her house… and I wanted to make a visit! 🙂


From the back of the book cover: 

In 1994, Annie Wilder and her children moved into a 100-year-old house in a historic Mississippi River town. Beautiful but spooky, the house had been on the market for six months with no offers. It felt like – and proved to be – a very haunted house.

Essentially the story of a remarkable old Victorian house that seems to be a threshold to the spirit world and the astral realm, “House of Spirits and Whispers” has a backstory of the Wilder family’s relationship with the ghost of the home’s previous owner, an old man named Leon.

Covering a decade’s worth of ghostly activity and supernatural events, from whispering radiators to visits and appearances from all manner of spirits and entities, this unusual story is the true account of Annie Wilder’s experiences living in a haunted house.


Author Annie Wilder’s segment on the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” season two, episode three.

For more information you can check out Annie’s website.


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