Pub Ghost or Moth?

For today’s post… one of my favorite “ghost” videos. I saw this probably in 2010 when it was discovered but it’s still fascinating people and inspiring discussion. What do you think?

There are multiple articles on this video but the one below is pretty good.





At one point, it looks as if it’s cleaning tables – it seems to pulse and then boom – it shoots off upwards through the wall and ceiling.”


“What’s really strange is that something similar was going on next door. Our lounge area used to be part of next door, which I’ve been told was once an undertakers.”






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8 responses to “Pub Ghost or Moth?

  • LKNK

    Large Moth………

  • Ash

    Now that someone has said it – yes, definitely a flying insect of some sort. The movement fits with a moth – a lot of times they continue to vibrate their wings even though they’ve landed – the quick twitching motions are definitely insect-like. Concured. Moth.

  • Ash

    I also had another thought, regarding the idea that it’s cleaning tables. If a ghost were to be doing something so mundane, it would have to be a residual haunting – in which case you’d think people would have noticed something like this previously.

    Also, from the articles that I read about the place’s history, the pub owner says their lounge area used to be part of the space next door, and the travel agency that now occupies it believes that it was once a funeral parlor. Well if they’re attributing the ghost to the funeral parlor, then why would it care anything about cleaning tables?

    Just a couple of thoughts.

    • Patrick

      I’ve spent lots of time thinking about this piece of evidence and I NEVER thought about those two great points, Ash! I’m still not settled on it though. Most likely an insect… but with the video from the next door business that I saw a year or two ago (can’t find it now) and the fact it is just plain bizarre, I can’t confidently say its NOT paranormal either… and I’m the most skeptic one on my team. That’s why my Mom’s vote surprises me. 🙂

      • Ash

        Now I haven’t seen the video from next door, but I did read about it. The travel agency said that one week later, they filmed a computer mouse moving on its own, the computer kicked on by itself and a sign fell.

        THAT… coupled with the fact that it purportedly may have been a funeral parlor, may be a little more acceptable. However, I don’t think that this video, and the one the travel agency spoke about would be related.

  • LKNK

    I was being sarcastic and you didn’t get it. I have never seen a moth that big before:)

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