Ghost in the Window…

The Ghost in the Window

Could this be the spirit of Frances Grimshaw in the window right before this home was demolished?

I think this is a pretty impressive photo, and as long as witnesses are truthful it just may be a really phenomenal example of a spirit caught on film. The following information is from the original article. See more of my thoughts at the end of the post.

“David Grimshaw was certain it was his mother Frances, who died at 87 last year, after being shown the snap taken by a man demolishing the building.” 

“The 59-year-old was stunned and added: ‘I’m totally convinced – no one else looks like that. She had glasses and big earrings and she used to wear a dress with a bow at the front.’”

“While some may think the ghost is just a mere reflection, Mr Grimshaw remained convinced. He said: ‘She used to stand in that room for hours on the phone – it was the guesthouse reception and she took bookings from there.'”

“‘She would have been horrified if she had known the house was being  demolished because it was beautiful, so maybe that is why she’s turned up.’”

“The demolition team had felt an eerie chill at Meadowbank House. Worker Stuart Shan said: ‘The day before we took the photo, I noticed the chandelier swinging on its own.’”

“And demolition supervisor Robert Johnson, who took the photo, added: ‘It wasn’t until I got home and showed my wife that we spotted the woman.'” 

“‘You can see the jewellery on her and everything,’ he said. ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before – the image is so clear. I’ve always been a sceptic but I’ll have to believe in ghosts now.’” 

“The building in Kendal, Cumbria, has now been demolished to make room for a new commercial property.”

The only question that I have about this photo is one that I get really annoyed when people ask in situations like this… but someone has to. Why exactly was this photo taken? The woman seems to be perfectly centered in the photo. Was it cropped after the fact? Was it coincidence? Were there other photos taken? If it is typical for photos to be taken before a structure is demolished it makes the evidence a little more believable to me.
Photos like this will probably never truly be empirical evidence in the eyes of science, but I hope it’s real. What do you think?


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