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Having a side category of ghosts called “shadow people” has always bugged me a bit.

I’ve had clients experience them, but I have to be honest and say I’ve never had a “shadow person” type of experience. That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in shadow people, but there are so many different types of paranormal phenomena and so many ways spirits/entities manifest themselves. And how do we know that what we’re seeing is the same as how someone else sees it? Some people see ghosts all the time… and some of us don’t. Some authors or investigators put shadow people into their own category of ghost and assume they’re all negative… or try to deal with them differently than they would any other typical ghost, just because they manifested themselves to you as a shadow on this particular day. Considering how very little we know about ghosts, I feel this is a little irresponsible.

Shephen Wagner is the author of the paranormal page on His latest conversation is on shadow people encounters. Click on the page below and check out some of the shadow people experiences that people have reported. Are shadow people really any different from any other ghost? Have you witnessed a “shadow person”?

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  • janarice

    I really like that website a lot! I’ve been reading it for year so and seeing people’s current stories from around the world. And shadow people, you have a great point, maybe they are just a different manifestation of spirit energy. I lived in a house in college that was haunted, we saw shadows but not necessarily shadow people. Great post, keep the cool stuff coming!

  • aradiasilvermoon

    I think claiming that all shadow people/ghosts/manifestations as negative or evil is very irresponsible. Once or twice I have seen a shadow of something out of the corner of my eye or in a mirror (no it wasn’t my reflection lol) but I felt no terror or danger. I have seen a full sized ghost too and to me they both felt the same. Maybe some shadow people are negative energy left behind but some may just be partial impressions of what was left when someone died.

    • Patrick

      Were you young when you saw the shadows and the full bodied figure? Just curious. Do you ever have experiences now?

      • aradiasilvermoon

        I was in middle school when I saw the full bodied ghost. It was in our old house on South Street in Lexington. I was alone one night so I was watching TV when I felt something behind me. I got up and went to the doorway and there on the stairs was a older man dressed in a Confederate uniform. He was there a few seconds then he went back up the stairs and vanished. We later found out that the house was owned by a Colonel in the confederate army who hung himself when the union took over the town.

        As for the shadow people I lived in the basement of my then boyfriend’s parents house when I was 19 and the bathroom had no light. I went in there late one night and when I was leaving I saw a shadow in the mirror that moved! I wasn’t scared and it left after a few seconds or so. I later found out that my boyfriend’s sisters as children used to play with two ghost girls who supposedly lived in the basement. Other places and times I have “seen” things out of the corner or my eye but when I turn and focus on them they are gone.

  • Ash

    I remember seeing a shadow person when I was younger – about 4 or 5 – in my parents first house. Actually some of my parents friends were over that night and their son, who is my age and I went to school with, also saw it because I pointed it out to him. He still remembers it.

    Now something more interesting that I’d only read about recently- what does it mean when YOUR OWN shadow moves… of its own accord?

  • Ash

    I know – weird, right? I’d read this girl’s blog post asking about it not too long ago, I just thought she must have been mistaken (she was talking about her own shadow actually multiplying and moving). I’d seen something like that once but it was a bright, sunny day and it was caused by light reflecting off the office buildings in a certain way – startling at first, but easily explainable.

    But today I was in the bathroom at work (which is dimly lit) and was standing perfectly still – no one came in or out of the room, no doors opening or anything… and my own shadow actually shifted (seen from peripheral of my right eye). No explanation for it. Totally weird!

  • Yamyah

    shadow people are our shadow selves most of the times.

  • Yamyah

    yes…right now i am “sick”, so bear with me 😉 you can start by reading my last post….i mentioned the shadow self. I will get back to you within the next few days and write more about it. Blessings xx

    • Patrick

      I sure hope you feel better, Yamyah! I read your last post. I think I understand now. If it leaves, that’s a good thing, right? Or do I want my shadow self to stay with me?

  • Yamyah

    Patrick, you want to find it and love it…they or it is all you, parts of yourself you have rejected or repressed in this life and in previous ones. Every time we project a thought about ourselves may it be love or fear based, it duplicates in the etheric layer by gaining a form itself. The more we dwell on this thought, the more we will be feeding it and the more it grows as a form, almost like an independent identity from ourselves. So, theories of people encountering demons are often their shadow self attacking/draining their own creators. See, “demons” cant really leave the low astral plane, it takes a very experienced astral traveller to venture down to the low astral, so the veil separating the astral and physical is very thick, yet the veil separating the etheric plane and physical is very thin, thus people seeing ghosts (they dwell in the etheric) and their very own shadow self. You want to dissolve your shadow self into you by accepting it and feeling utmost unconditional love for it, so it requires total self forgiveness and self acceptance. There are guided meditations you can practise, but please be careful as it is a very draining process and one has to be TOTALLY ready to face up to self. Much love and peace ~

    • Patrick

      Thanks so much, Yamyah. I’ve never really believed in the traditional concept of “demons”… so the shadow self being our own “demons” makes a lot of sense to me.

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