Crossing over with box of recipes in hand…

Let’s say you died peacefully in your sleep… but instead of walking into the light you decide to hang around because you’re nosy and you want to make sure your family remembers you. Maybe (for example) you decide you never liked your daughter-in-law when you were alive (since she is a horrible cook and your son deserves better than that) and so now why not rattle some chains around their house, or better yet, scare her off!? Maybe it’s a particular family recipe that the daughter-in-law is just sure she’s making successfully when really no one will tell her the truth that it is WAY off and not fit to feed the dog. Or…. maybe your box of secret recipes was found by a loved one… only you have incorrect ingredients or instructions included on purpose so that only you know how to make it delicious and everyone will think you must have been the greatest cook in the family tree.  By the way, if this is you, you are HORRIBLE! Shame! Back to our scenario… Then walks in the real Ghost Whisperer and you instantly realize she’s not as cutesy and petite as Jennifer Love Hewitt was in the show. 🙂 But then you realize the ghost whisperer lady can see you and she sees through all of your tricks and is having none of it.

When the young couple finds out that it’s YOU haunting their home, they have a sweet moment as they tell you how much they loved and missed you (at least that’s what they said) and then like the flip of a switch they decide they want you OUT of their house so that they can move on. You decide there is NO WAY that you’re walking into that light until the wife gets your secret pickled beat soup recipe so that your son (the husband) can be happy. You just happen to have your box of recipes in your hand. Don’t we all keep our box of recipes close to us so that when we die we always have them with us? You recite the recipe to the ghost whisperer lady and she promises to give it to the daughter-in-law

 to make your son happy. You agree to walk into the light to nervously see what awaits you. Oh yeah… and the ghost whisperer lady makes a duplicate copy to use for her book down the road. 🙂

This is the kind of scenario you’ll find in Mary Ann Winkowski’s Beyond Delicious: The Ghost Whisperer’s Cookbook. Each recipe has a story of how the author came across it. Many of them are super funny, some of them are sad, but most of them will make you think “who in the world would want to make THAT recipe?” Or… more importantly, “HOW DID YOU JUST HAPPEN TO HAVE THAT RECIPE (including the three paragraphs of detailed instructions under the ingredients) MEMORIZED?? 🙂

Anyway, it’s a really interesting and creative idea for a book. Mary Ann is the inspiration for The Ghost Whisperer that is one of my all-time favorite TV series. I’m still sad that it is no longer on TV.


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