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Dec 9, 2021 | 0 comments

Highlights from Patrick's Recent Patreon Paranerd Parties - Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World #201
One of the benefits of being a Patreon supporter of the Big Seance Podcast is getting to attend monthly Patreon Paranerd Parties on Zoom! Whether you're into mediumship, the spirit box, or just fun ghost stories, we hope you'll enjoy this episode full of highlights and Patrick's favorite clips from recent parties!

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In this episode:

Intro :00

Please enjoy these highlights from recent Patreon Paranerd Parties that are held monthly on Zoom for Patreon supporters! Interested in becoming a Patreon supporter? Visit patreon.com/BigSeance for more info! :58

Heads up! Spirit Box and “Estes Method” ahead! After recent feedback, it's clear that you're passionate about this topic! We're looking to cover this more in the future. 1:58

“What’s this? A party?” 4:34

“You’re drinking a bucket of what?” 5:39

Being called “Fat Cookie!” And does Patrick have more intuition than he thinks? 6:20

Learning to use the Ouija Board with Karen A. Dahlan is tiring! 7:49

Should Kermit the Frog start reading listener feedback? 9:52

The illusion of the parlor. What’s it look like? 11:16

When your birthday falls on Halloween! 16:04

“Burn the dead.” Misheard lyrics. 16:02

Channeling the great composers through A Musical Seance by Rosemary Brown. Check out the documentary: Music from the Beyond – the Mediumship of Rosemary Brown 19:47

Vinyl, 8-tracks, cassette tapes, double exposure in film, and old school sound engineering. 21:56

Why does Patrick no longer ask guests, “What would you like to drink?” 29:43

Coffee at night and putting butter in coffee! 31:03

Meeting Adam Berry and Amy Bruni. 32:26

Susan Davy, Anne and Renata, and paranormal experiences in Australia. 33:50

Show and tell! Kevin breeds designer snakes! 35:20

More stories from Susan Davy from Australia. 41:04

The “Murder Winds!” Jeff C. Carter joins the party! 43:20

More on Patrick’s experience of being grabbed by a ghostly hand in the middle of the night! 45:41

The spooky legend of a burial ground in Florida at the St. Johns River Bridge on the US 17-92 Freeway. 51:57

The energy of New Orleans, Savannah, and the film, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil53:40

Kevin’s great experience and reading with Carole J. Obley. 57:31

Hope and her experiences with her daughter and growing up with psychic abilities. 1:01:07

Kevin’s mom helping out from the Other Side. 1:05:55

Melissa asks Patrick if his thoughts or perspective has changed over the years after talking to so many people on the podcast. 1:11:50

Bruce’s experiences as a psychic medium 1:12:55

“Here, baby!” Trying the Spirit Box as a group over Zoom. 1:17:44

See you at the next party! 1:32:15

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:32:36

Outro 1:34:58

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