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Signs from Spirit, and Interview with Spiritual Medium Mitchell Coombes on the Big Seance Podcast: My Paranormal World
Mitchell Coombes, Australia's most trusted spiritual medium, returns to discuss his most recent book, Signs from Spirit: Inspiring True Stories from the Afterlife. Topics include spirits communicating through technology, the pain of losing a child, grief, and many stories of signs from the afterlife. Plus, Mitchell has a super awesome vintage crystal ball and aura goggles!!



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In this episode:

Episode Teaser :00

Intro :58

Mitchell’s Bio 1:40

A brief reminder of what we learned after Mitchell’s previous appearance on the show in episode 1153:25

Mitchell is constantly growing, changing, and evolving as a spiritual medium. 5:15

Spirit LOVES technology! 8:24

Communication through Amazon Alexa and other popular home devices. 9:08

Mitchell’s desk drawer just popped open! 10:23

Mitchell’s home is alive with energy, and it’s a natural part of his life. 12:40

Oftentimes signs from spirit are very subtle, but they’re always memorable! 14:25

Shoutout to Susan! We love you! 15:10

An EMF experience at the Quarantine Station in Manly, and heckling at Maitland Gaol. 16:00

Buttons the Clown and more about signs from spirit. 19:05

Sunflower Love 21:22

Should I ask for a sign from my loved one? 25:42

There’s a penny in my shoe! 27:44

Journaling those moments and collecting signs. 33:00

A chipmunk gospel version of In the Garden33:55

Flickering lights at Mitchell’s public events. 35:53

Sensing the spirit world is like noticing the wind. 38:25

Rockin’ Around Grandma’s Christmas Poinsettia. 39:44

It must be so frustrating for spirits trying to send signs that we just aren’t picking up. 41:03

The pain of miscarriage and losing a child. 43:40

Grief and the cling film effect. 50:13

“A voice, to me, is like a thumb print.” 54:14

Mitchell’s beautiful crystal ball from the 1800s. 55:34

He also has vintage aura goggles! 58:30

Pulling cards and putting them back! 59:55

Mitchell and Patrick will be hosting a LIVE seance very soon! Stay tuned and look for info in the Big Seance Parlor! 1:02:24

Thanks to Susan, Kevin, Anne and Renata, Bruce, Melissa, and Jeanette for showing up and joining me for our very first Zoom Paranerd Party recently! 1:03:50

A special THANK YOU to Patreon supporters at the Super Paranerd and Parlor Guest level! 1:04:25

Outro 1:06:20


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Mitchell’s books on Amazon
Twitter: @MitchellCoombes
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